ParentVue and StudentVue
1. Students will be able to access their schedules at 3pm on Friday, September 1. 
2. Click on the image below
3. CHOOSE the "I'm a STUDENT"  on the right side.
4. Your username and password is the same as your School Google/Collab login. 

PARENTS (see directions PDF below these tips)
If you do not sign the iPad User Agreement, your child will not receive an iPad.
TIP #1: The iPad agreement can be found in FeePay.  You may have to SEARCH for the iPad Agreement in FeePay.  The SEARCH BAR is at the bottom of the activities list.
TIP #2:  You must use the name that is on the letter you received via US Mail exactly as it is.
TIP #3:  the pw code on the letter IS case sensitive.