Welcome to the Math Team!
All students interested in math are invited to join the team.
Topics range from Algebra 1 all the way to Pre-Calculus.
The team consists of students in all grade levels.



Row 2:  Aishu Mankala 10, Atulya Reddy 10, Tam Nguyen 12, Jacob Mox 11, Jeffrey Chen 10, Sathya Gavindarajan 11, Riley Kazukiewicz 9, Matthew Simonson 9, Sam Wang 10
Row 1:  Isaiah Milbank 9, Saumik Narayanan 12, Nick Johnson 10, Ben Flanagan 11, Raunak Randay 9, Kevin Huang 9
Missing: Annika Dean 9, Jerry Ostrem 11, Swati Rampalli 10
Coaches Sherrie Blundell and Karen Elliott

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Contact: Karen Elliott