Welcome to Eagan Track & Field 2017.

SPRING PRACTICE BEGINS MONDAY, MARCH 27. See Boy's and Girl's Team webpages for event group specific practice time. 

Congrats to Team 2017 for great performances throughout the "indoor" portion of our season.  Both the Boy's and Girl's Teams first meets of the year at the U of St. Thomas and are trending strongly!  For more details, please check out the Boy's and Girl's Team webpages ... see links below!

Do you need more information about "what's going on" in EHS Track & Field?  Please click on the google calendar below for meet details and directions to all meets this season.

Did you know ...  that High School Track & Field is the most popular sport in Minnesota?
Our sport is ranked #1 in participation for our State?

Did you know that 10.5% of all eligible 
students in Minnesota High Schools join track teams?  That means that our state has the highest % of eligible students participating in Track & Field in our Nation!  If you join our team this season, we will out perform that % too!