On Tuesday, December 12, 2017 we will be inviting our incoming 9th graders to attend the Freshman “Respect” Retreat.  The goal of this retreat is to build a unified class, where students from each middle school will work together to examine the issues of self-respect, respecting others and standing up for the value of respect.  We are aware that some 8th graders may have attended a retreat in middle school done by Youth Frontiers, Inc.  This is a different retreat with different goals.  This retreat will give students an opportunity to build relationships with students they may not otherwise meet. For more information about Youth Frontiers, Inc. and their retreats, please visit their website:
The Freshman Retreat will take place in 3 locations: Rosemount Community Center, Mount Olivet – Apple Valley, and the Inver Grove Heights Community Center – Armory Gymnasium.

Freshmen Retreat Video


The Date for the 2018 Senior Retreat has been set! It will be Tuesday, April 10, 2018.  It will take place at the Mount Olivet Event and Family Center in Apple Valley. The Wisdom Retreat is designed for seniors to reflect, laugh, and share experiences that enable them to say goodbye to each other. This day inspires students to bring positive closure to their last days together as a class and to show appreciation to those who have supported them throughout these years. We have room for a maximum of 220 participants. Cost is $25.00 and includes lunch.
Buses will be departing EHS at 7:30 am and returning by 2:00 pm
All participants must ride the bus.

If you need a scholarship, please see your counselor.