Info for Summer & Fall 2018
A note from Coach Gillen: I recommend the ES4 program run at EHS for the summer. This is a really fun workout and helps players to be prepared for tryouts in August. It lasts for 1.5 hours and every 15 minutes we move to a new area working different parts of our bodies. I am there most days with the players too. The sign up for ES4 is on FeePay. If youre in a program that lasts until the end of June or July, sign up for the 9:15 slot. If youre not in volleyball as school gets out, sign up for the 9:00 slot.
Captains’ practices are usually 2 weeks before we start. If you’re at ES4, you’ll find out about what day and what time easily. The captains also have a Twitter account.
Our start date is AUGUST 13 at 8:30 am!!! We will have two practices on Monday and Tuesday and teams will be named Wednesday. Practices, scrimmages and games will continue M-F from then on.
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