Eagan High School
Site Council
2019-2020 Site Council Meeting Dates.  All Meetings will take place from 4:00-5:30 p.m.  in the EHS Library.

Monday, Sept. 30
Monday, October 28
Monday, December 2
Monday, January 13
Monday, February 24
Monday, April 6
Monday, May 18

EHS Site Council Members for the 2019-2020 School Year

EHS Faculty and Parent:
Ms. Linda Anderson, Parent
Mr. Mouli Vaidyanathan, Parent
Ms. Annie Morgan, Parent
Ms. Winifred Muyingo, Parent
Ms. Annie Stafford, Parent
Ms. Polly Novack, Parent
Mr. Doug Hart, Faculty
Ms. Sue McNamara, Volunteer Cordinator
Dr. Polly Reikowski, Principal
Mr. Bill Wirsbinski, Faculty
Ms. Elodie Hubbard, Faculty

Student Government
Ms. Britney Chey (Grade 12)
Ms. Sanjana Krishnamurthy (Grade 12)
Ms. Emma Veldhuis (Grade 12)

Ms. Christine DeMarchis (Grade 12)
Ms. Lily Bensen (Grade 12)
Ms. Caitlin Martin (Grade 12)

Womens Empowerment
Ms. Grace Boutouli (Grade 12)
Ms. Olivia Noll (Grade 10)
Ms. Heden Abdulahi (Grade 11)