Care of the iPad

Keep the iPad mini away from the following: 
  • Liquids 
    • Getting liquids like water, soda, or juice will damage the electronic parts of the device.
  • Food 
    • This will keep the iPad mini from getting dirty both inside and out.
  • Magnets 
    • Heavy magnets have a chance of damaging the iPad and the content saved on the device.
  • Extreme Heat or Cold 
    • You never want to have your iPad in a temperature above 95 or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.  Either extreme may cause the iPad mini to stop working or lose the effectiveness of the battery.
If you need to clean the screen, please use only a clean, soft, dry cloth. Do not use any liquid cleaners of any type (example: no moistened antibacterial wipes).

Please remember that the screen is made of a durable glass that can break.  Here are some helpful hints to avoid breaking the screen:
IMPORTANT: Leave the device in the district-issued protective case and closed when taking the iPad mini to and from classes, home and school.
            • Avoid putting any pressure on the screen
            • Don't lean on the iPad mini 
            • When putting it in your backpack, make sure the iPad mini isn't resting against anything that may cause pressure on the screen
            • Avoid dropping the iPad mini
            • Keep sharp objects away from the device
            • Never throw or slide the iPad mini


Battery Life:
  • Use the adapter and cord issued at distribution to charge the iPad mini
  • Plug it into a wall outlet
  • Try to drain the battery once a month to help prolong battery life
  • For more information regarding Battery Life and Lifespan go to