Welcome to Work Foundations III

Work Foundations III is a mix of classroom and hands on learning experiences on the Eagan High School campus.
The skills we learn in the classroom we are able to transfer to a working environment.

Our focus will be "Taking Action for the Future You Want"

Getting the Job for You
Working on the skills for looking for employment
Getting a job
Keeping employment
Continuing to work on Safety, Character, Team Work, Communication and Production skills.


Disability Benefits? How work can benefit. visit db101.org to learn how work and benefits can work together to increase income. Tools. Facts. Resources. Safely explore options and plan for the future.
db101.org or call the Disability Linkage Line 1-866-333-2466.
A FREE service and does not affect disability benefits.

  • see how disability benefits and income might change with a job.
  • explore work incentives.
  • learn from other people's stories.
  • set work goals and plan next steps.
  • prepare for job changes
  • get answers to questions by live chat, phone or email

We believe that all individuals, regardless of the level of disability, can work in the right setting, with the right supports. Eagan High School Work Experience Coordinators, J Gustafson and P Tabbert