Honors Status Overview

To qualify for Honors Status at Eagan High School, students must meet the following criteria:
    •   Take at least 24 trimester courses of Advanced Placement® (AP), College in the Schools or Honors courses (from the list which follows) throughout grades 9-12.
        Students must successfully complete, with a grade of C or better, and a minimum of twenty-four trimester courses throughout the
        four grades of high school.
Honors courses which apply are:

•        Students must earn a grade of“C” or better for a Advanced Placement® (AP) or Honors course to count toward the total grade level minimums of 24 trimesters courses.  Pass/No Credit grades will not be counted in this system.
·       Research shows that many colleges have already eliminated rank consideration for admission and scholarship consideration.  Currently within our district high schools, the average student GPA is often as high as 3.4. Because of this many good students are ranked in the bottom half of their class.
Eliminating the practice of reporting rank class will allow students to:
·       Focus on the classes they are taking and the grades in those classes, not how they compare to their peers.
·       Compete against a standard rather than each other.
·       Have their individual accomplishments acknowledged by admissions and scholarship committees instead of being compared to their classmates.
·       Be considered for admissions and scholarships using a subjective, holistic approach.
·       To be recognized using the honors criteria for Honors Status
How Will It Work?
Class rank or percentile will only be reported directly to the college/scholarship in the rare event that it must be reported in order for the student to be considered.  Other than those unique circumstances, class rank information will not be available to colleges, scholarships, students or families.
How will students be recognized at Graduation time. (Regardless of classes taken)
90th Percentile:  Summa Cum Laude
80th Percentile:  Magna Cum Laude
70th Percentile:  Cum Laude
Honors Status
To qualify for additional Honors Status designation at graduation, student must:
            Complete at least 24 trimester courses of Advanced Placement (AP), College in the Schools (CIS) or Honors courses throughout
grades 9-12.
Students must successfully complete each course with a grade of C or better.  The Grade/Pass
Option of “P” will not count as honors course.
*Students’ official transcripts reflect courses taken and grades earned only.  All honors recognition takes place at Graduation.