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Nicole Palmer
For all health information including immunizations, medications, physicals, and forms, visit our district's Health Services section.


EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION Emergency contact information is to be filled out every year on each student you have enrolled in the building. The Emergency contact data can be easily accessed on the School View/Fee Pay system under "Student info". The link to this system is located on the EHS website.  Please complete the required student information and remember to indicate if you are giving permission for your student to take Tylenol or Ibuprofen at school. Changes to your students health record can also be made this way, on this system. Please don’t forget to hit the "Submit request" button at the bottom of the page after you have made any changes or requests. 

Please be aware of the medication permission section, as well as the school medication policy, noting the options and restrictions and then indicate what medication privileges your student may have. Without this section checked or the card signed, your student may not receive any non prescription medications at school.  

IMMUNIZATIONS Students are required to be in compliance with Minnesota department of health guidelines for student immunizations in school. Up to the minute information on immunizations can be found at:

DISMISSAL POLICY Please remember that when students are sick, they are required to report to the Health Office prior to being released from school. There is a student phone located there to facilitate timely communication with parents and the nurse. A parent or guardian MUST release a student by phone or in person, before the student can leave the building.

Nicole Palmer
Eagan High School Nurse

Contact: Nicole Palmer