Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology is a unique class that involves a very high level of commitment and responsibility, and offers a wide variety of benefits. Each course is offered in a 2 hour block and is worth 2 social studies credits. The courses concentrate on the following areas:

1. The major thrust of this program is to teach our district's drug education curriculum to small groups of sixth graders. Students work with sixth graders in a group of about 10 students as their teacher for the entire year. Students prepare, teach, and evaluate course content for sixth grade students.

2. The psychology of growth and development is covered. This involves studying various approaches to understanding growth and their application to student's personal lives. This class provides an in-depth study of various schools of thought in Psychology focusing on major psychologists of this century.

3. The process of group development is explored. Working within the group process so as to create an atmosphere of trust and commitment, students grow in knowledge about themselves and others.

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