Russia Party


-Students will be able to identify the major parties in Russia
-Student will be able to describe party fragmentation in Russia
-Students will be able to explain why a Presidential system has benefited Russia

1. Read Mapping the Russian Political Landscape
2. Complete chart on back. For each party, label left, center left, center right, right, far right AND identify what political ideologies (communism, socialism, free market) or specific issues each embraces. Use information from the article AND your text.
3. Prepare to participate in the simulation.

Simulation Procedure:
1. You will draw the name of a political party from a hat and role-play
2. You will find others in the class who drew that same party as you. Do this by giving clues without directly revealing your party affiliation. (For example, if we were doing this for the United States and you drew Democrat, you might give clues like I am supported by labor unions, I represent the working class; the President was from my party.) Continue this until you find all the members of your party.
3. If you form a coalition with other parties continue searching for those party members.
4. Now that you are in exclusive party groups, you will devise one legislative proposal to present for a vote. (This proposal must be relevant to the interests of your party of coalition.
5. Next you will be given a list of 10 issues and as party or coalition, discuss how one would vote on each issue. Your party of coalition will prepare a brief report to be delivered tomorrow to the assembly which states:
- Party vote for each issue
- Reason for position
- Coalition members you voted with
- Any dissenting opinions
6. Legislative proposals / votes and votes on issues will be taken at the end of the class
5 3 1
_ _ _ successfully find members of one’s party
_ _ _ Devise legislative proposal relevant to party ideology
_ _ _ accurately portrays party’s position on select issues
_ _ _ Deadline is met
TOTAL (25) = _________

Questions to Ponder:
1. Why does Russia have so many parties?
2. How does the electoral process influence the multiple party processes?
3. With this wide variety of party systems, how is it helpful for Russia to have a Residential system?
4. What do you think would happen otherwise?

Policies Proposed:
1. Ease proposed ban on demonstrations
2. Land reform
3. Declare Russia’s Orthodox Church as the country’s preeminent religion
4. Re-criminalize gay sex
5. Russia as World’s Nuclear Dump Site
6. Alternative military service
7. Re-establishment of the KGB
8. More lower and middle class educational opportunities
9. Pass legislation to ban Russia from joining the European Union
10. Privatize energy sources (such as: oil, electricity…etc.)