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Grades 10,11,12
Prerequisite: Either a high grade in Algebra II, or have taken or are currently enrolled in Honors Algebra II

AP Statistics is very similar to an introductory statistics course in many colleges. In this year long course students will be introduced to the major concepts and tools for collecting, displaying, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data. Computers and calculators will aid in exploring the data and displaying it, while the Internet will be utilized to discover existing sets of data and studies. Certain distributions of data will be examined and characteristics identified. A well-developed design for collecting data will be studied and implemented throughout the course. This class will prepare students for the optional Advanced Placement exam for possible college credit. A graphing calculator is required for the course, and an Internet license is useful. The EHS Mathematics Department recommends the TI-83 Plus. Note: This is a year-long course. Students should register for all three courses.

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