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0757 Algebra II Concepts A
0758 Algebra II Concepts B
0759 Algebra II Concepts C

Grades 11,12
Prerequisite: Algebra I and Geometry

This course is for students who have had a full year of geometry. This course is designed for those students who need a slower pace. Students in this course will continue to learn to describe the world around them with algebraic expressions, equations, graphs, and statistics. Students may not enroll for this course if they have received credit for an Algebra II course. Applications and calculators provide a context in the language of algebra. Some colleges and universities may not accept Algebra II Concepts in determining admission for students. College bound students are strongly urged to select a regular Algebra II course. Students need graph paper and a graphing calculator. The EHS Mathematics Department recommends the TI-83 Plus or TI-84. Note: This is a year-long course. Students should register for all three courses.