Prom 2020

Information will be posted as it becomes available
Grand March takes place at Eagan High School in the gym. 

Students will sign up for the group they want to be in when they purchase their tickets, these are the options:

Group A - Students check in at 4:00PM
                 Parents of this group may enter gym at 4:00PM

Grand March runs from 4:30 - 5:05.  The first group of parents leave opening up spaces for the second group of parents.

Group B - Students check in at 5:00
                  Parents my enter the gym at 5:15
                  Grand March resumes at 5:30

Dinner - on your own

8PM - 10PM Dance - MOA - Parkview Meeting and Event Center 

10PM - 11:30PM Unlimited Rides at Nickelodeon Universe