Senior Class Party 2020

We have a final plan for the senior party!
While we tried to come up with a realistic alternative and exhausted every possible idea, we have decided our best option is to distribute gift bags to the ticket holders. While we are disappointed we can't hold the party, the gift bags are very generous and worth more than the ticket price. Once everything is finalized, we will send out a notice with pick- up instructions.
#classof2020 #allinthistogether

Please check this list of those who have purchased tickets to the senior party. 
If you have registered and your name is missing, please email immedieately.
Thank you!

Rachel Andersen   Kai Loiseaux-Purcell
Megan Abagat   Nathan LoPresto
Josalynn Abbott   Teddy Lundin
Joshua Alexander   Timmy Lyne
Will Altier   Claire Madden
Izzy Altier   Derek Manzella
Isabelle Altier   Carly Marsh
Julia Amerongen   Caitlin Martin
Timothy Anderson   Truman Marty
Luke Anderson   Nick Marudas
Jillian Anderson   Katie McCoy
Kevin Anderson   Savanna McKinnon
Lindsey Arndt   Emily McMonagle
Tony Asta   Max Meekin
Julia Barger   Jonny Meiers
Antonia Hoya Belaustegui   Macy Meilahn-Kinard
Kali Benton   Tommy Meisinger
Ryan Berg   Natalie Merrill
Madeline Bergh   Zack Merwin
Jake Berran   Lauryn Miller
Evan Blom   Owen Mitchell
Tyanna Booth   Lara Mitchell
Faith Borgerding   Meghan Moen
Annika Bowen   Vinny Morgan
Sarah Braginsky   Claudia Moses
Johnathan Braun   Josh Mox
Lillian Briody   Nick Moxley
Wyatt Bucki   Josh Moxley
Ethan Burgoyne   Broden Ness
Jack Burright   Sydney New
Aidan Byrne   Chris O'Brien
Jack Carlson   Finn O'Malley
Luke Casanova   Megan O'Shea
Jonathan Chambers   Kurt Ohlhues
Britney Chey   Julian Olson
Sydney Coleman   Jonina Óskarsdóttir
Erica Collins   Robbie Otto
Sam Cook   Tamu Padma
Carson Corum   Jesse Pahl
Grace Dahlen   Shailja Panchal
Evan Danich   Audrey Parker
Kayla Daniel   Tatiana Pereda
Christian Danko   Katelyn "KT" Pernsteiner
Carson Daul   Riley Peterson
Christine DeMarchis   Logan Pfaltzgraff
Kiara Dent   Alexis Pham
Billy Diffley   Jordan Pieper
Maria Duffy   John Plath
Olivia Dykes   Torri Presler
Ashleigh Erickson   Nick Ramaley
Grace Falteysek   Teagan Ramboldt
Logan Ferkinhoff   Andrea Rarick
Amanda Ferlita   James Rassler
Alex Fey   Eryn Reddekopp
Hannah Figura   Caroline Redding
Michael Fillmore   Kellyn Redlin
Daniel Finigan   Henry Reiff
Mara Fink   Joseph Rollie
Jack Fjalstad   Joe Ruhland
John Flanahan   Jenna Ruiz
Christian Foreman   Jett Ruocco
Melanie Foster   Makenzie Saeger
Maria Frome   Matthew Salamone
Ty Gage   Ann Schelonka
Lauren Gamme   Emily Schmitt
Michelle Ganopolskiy   Anna Schnuckle
Cole Gibson   Ryan Schouveller
Dylan Gifford   Jenna Schreiber
Conner Glaser   Jerome Schreiber
Marisa Goffman   Damien Schultz
Cullen Grannes   Serina Sharbo
Taylor Grebin   Leah Rose Soukup
Siena Grounds   Ella Steen
LeeAnne "Annie" Gruber   Kaitlyn Stefanick
Alyssa Gulsvig   Sophie Stein
Gabrielle Gustafson   Mallory Stiff
Nathan Hamernik   Jack Stone
Derek Hansen   Natalie Stout
Madeline Harris   Gemma Sundberg
Gareth Haswell   Evan Taylor
Kyla Hehr   Jorren TeGantvoort
John Henning   Sarah Thissen
Linda Lim Herbrand   Jon Thompson
Jessica Herbrand   Jacob Thompson
Halle Hill   Ava Thrawl
Paige Holtz   Aimee Trombley
Jackson Hoover   Daniel Tschida
Cam House   Joey Urick
Trevor Howard   Chayla Velander
Katie Huisman   Emma Veldhuis
Victoria James   Matthew Verbeke
Olivia Johnson   Karlie Vrieze
Tessa Jones   Ing Vue
Eric Josephson   Anna Wagner
Adam Kaul   David Wagner
Chad Keller   Katie Wahowske
Noah Kipp   Pin You Wang
Kate Knutson   Noah Ward
Anne Koslowski   Zachary Warner
Elliott Kramer   Lily Weber
Sanjana Krishnamurthy   Preston Wehrman
Nikolas Kritsas   Aidan White
Kyle Kusie   Ben Wilary
Jake Larsen   Jaden Williams
Carl Larson   Ben Wilmes
Cora Lavallie   Jacob Wilson
Ryan Lawrence   Zachary Wollak
Nick Lawrence   Ling Wong
Madeline Lee   Adelle Woog
Lia Lemieux   Elizabeth Wrightman
Samuel Libaire   Brianna Wuertz
Reese Ligtenberg   Suzanne Wuertz
Claire Lindemann   Yukun Zhou
Kent Loiseaux-Purcell      



Thank you to our donors!

 Cooper's Bar and Grill * Nothing Bundt Cake * Bald Man Brewing * Sam's Club * Birchwood Dental, Qdoba

Welcome to the Senior Class Party for 2020 page!  
A committee of parent volunteers is working to plan the details for the annual event. 
As information becomes available, it will be posted on this page,
so bookmark it and check back often!  

What is the Senior Class Party?  
Every year on the night of graduation, a safe, fun all-night party is held for the graduates. 
Traditionally over 85% of students attend this event.  
For details about the event, see the FAQ's link to the left.

Who is invited to attend? 

Open to all graduating Seniors from Eagan High School and SES 

When is the party?  
Saturday, June 6th from 10 pm to 5 am.  Kids will be 'locked in' for one last night
of games, food, and fun with their friends! 

Where is the party held?   
Eagan High School

How can I help?  
Volunteer the night of the Party!  We are looking for volunteers to help run the event. 
No experience necessary!  

More questions?  Use our FAQ link on the left side of this page for more information! 

Join the Planning Committee! 
We would love for you to join the planning committee!  There are tons of
ways to volunteer to help pull off this event! You can volunteer the night of
the event or in the weeks prior to the event. 


Contact: Eagan HS Senior Party