A student’s class rank is his/her standing according to grade-point average (GPA). Class rank is a criterion considered for college admission. A student’s rank in their class is printed on each report card issued. It is also available from the Student Portal.

Marking System

A = 4.00 D+ = 1.300
A- = 3.700 D = 1.000
B+ = 3.300 D- = 0.700
B = 3.000 E = 0.300 (Social Pass)
B- = 2.700 F = 0.000
C+ = 2.300 P = Pass
C = 2.000 NC = No Credit
C- =1.700 NG = No Grade

The grade point average (GPA) is computed by the following procedure:
multiply the number of grades by their value, sum and divide by the number of grades.

For example: suppose a student received an 1 A, 2 B’s and 3 C’s one trimester.

(1 x 4.0) + (2 x 3.0) + (3 x 2.0) = 4.0 + 6.0 + 6.0 = 16.

6 (credits attempted) 16 (grade points)

Mark Point Average = 2.666


Each year Eagan High School recognizes the individual in the graduating class who finishes with the highest overall grade point average as the valedictorian of the graduating class. That individual whose grade point average places him or her second is recognized as the salutatorian of the class. On occasion, more than one individual has been tied for first place in the graduating class. On those occasions, we have named co-valedictorians and have not named any individual as salutatorian. For example, if three individuals were tied for first place in the graduating class, we would name three co-valedictorians. In that case, the next rank in the graduating class would be rank of fourth place. For that reason, we would not name a salutatorian that year.


A student must fulfill all EHS and District 196 requirements in order to achieve graduation.

Diplomas will be issued only to those who:
1. Have successfully met all EHS and District 196 credit requirements.
2. Have returned all school property (books, equipment, uniforms, etc.)
3. Have paid all fines and fees as required (lost or damaged materials, purchases, fundraising accounts, etc.)
4. Have fulfilled all disciplinary consequences.
5. Have submitted all PSEOP Transcripts/report cards for EHS credit approval.
6. Have passed any state testing requirements.

Eagan High School graduation ceremony will be planned by the senior class. Early graduates are invited to participate in the graduation ceremony with their classmates. Any student who has nine or fewer credits left to meet EHS graduation requirements may participate in the June graduation ceremonies but will not receive a diploma. However, any student who is short credits, yet within this parameter, must also be enrolled at Eagan High School or at one of the alternative learning centers with whom we work (District ALC, DCALS, ABE, etc.). If the student has “dropped,” he/she is not eligible to participate. Those with insufficient credits will not receive a diploma until all graduation requirements have been satisfactorily met.