10th Grade Literature/Writing I and II

Lit/Writ I and Lit/Writ II are required courses for 10th graders. These two courses replace the former courses Writing Process and Literature 10. By combining the curriculum, writing will be integrated into the literature the students are studying.

Below is the course information for Lit/Writing 10 I.  Individual Instructors may also have their own webpages which will focus on the courses in depth.

Lit/Writing 10 I
Non-Fiction Unit- Focus on 1960s (2-3WEEKS)
Essay (teacher’s choice- one of the rhetorical patterns, modeling...)
Novel Unit #1 (4-5 WEEKS) (Lord of the Flies)
Essay (literary analysis)
State Assessment ( 2-3 DAYS)
Media Literacy (Focus on Television) (2-3 WEEKS)
Grammar interspersed throughout the course
Vocabulary Study

Poetry Unit #1 and explication (1 WEEK)

For more curriculum information about this course, see the District Curriculum Information and Curriculum Map.


Going into Lit/Writing II students should :

  • improve their language skills
    improve their critical thinking skills
    experience literature in a way that they can make personal connections and inform their view of life, society, cultures, history and art.
    have read a novel
    have read non-fiction literature (60's, Vietnam and Civil Rights)
    know/understand literary terms
    know/understand what a thesis statement is
    know/understand how to organize a multi-paragraph essay
    know/understand qualities of a good essay
    know/understand some basic grammar rules
    (suggestions: agreement, verb tense, fragments/run-on,/use of
    semi-colon and commas, capitalization, common usage problems)
    know/understand the writing process
    know/understand how to write to a prompt in a timed sitting
    know/understand elements of literature and be able to apply them in discussions and writing
  • Lit/Writing 10 II
    Drama Unit #1 (3 WEEKS)
    Media Literacy (the Internet) (2 1/2 WEEKS)
    Research Paper (4-6 WEEKS)
    which connects the literature --for example, by having the attention-getter refer or allude to the literature and then move to the research about the essay
    includes evaluation of sources (print/web/oral interviews)

    Choose from at least one of the following: (2 1/2 WEEKS)
    Movie Review/Critical Film Analysis
    Poetry Unit #2
    Drama Unit #2

    1.Students will learn, understand and apply the process of writing a research paper.
    2. Students will make connections between literature and historical contexts that shape that shape that literature
    3.Students will know and understand the meaning and uses of specific vocabulary words including words specific to literature.
    4.Students will write in an analytical mode
    5.Student will analyze a variety of nonfiction materials selected from journals, essays, speeches, biographies and autobiographies
    6. Student will cite sources of information using a standard method of documentation such as a style sheet from MLA or APA