Literature/Writing 10 II

Below is the course information for Lit/Writing 10 II;
Drama Unit #1 (3 WEEKS)
Critical Viewing Unit #1 (2 1/2 WEEKS)
Movie Review/Critical Film Analysis
Research Paper (4 WEEKS)
which connects the literature --for example, by having the attention-getter refer or allude to the literature and then move to the research about the essay
includes evaluation of sources (print/web/oral interviews)
Media Literacy (Focus on the Internet) (1 WEEK)
Choose from at least one of the following: (1 1/2 WEEKS)
Poetry Unit #2
Drama Unit #2

Going into Lit/Writing II students should :

  • improve their language skills
    improve their critical thinking skills
    experience literature in a way that they can make personal connections and inform their view of life, society, cultures, history and art.
    have read a novel
    have read non-fiction
    know/understand literary terms
    know/understand what a thesis statement is
    know/understand how to organize a multi-paragraph essay
    know/understand qualities of a good essay
    know/understand some basic grammar rules
    (suggestions: agreement, verb tense, fragments/run-on,/use of
    semi-colon and commas, capitalization, common usage problems)
    know/understand the writing process
    know/understand how to write to a prompt in a timed sitting
    know/understand elements of literature and be able to apply them in discussions and writing

  • Lit/Writing 10 I
    Media Literacy (1-2 WEEKS) Focus on Television
    Non- Fiction(3 WEEKS)
    Essay (teacher’s choice- one of the rhetorical patterns, modeling...)
    Novel Unit #1 (5-6 WEEKS)
    Essay (literary analysis)
    State Assessment ( 2-3 DAYS)
    Vocabulary 5-6 Units in Text
    Grammar interspersed throughout the course