Honors Lit/Writing II

Course # 0333
This course covers much of the same literature as the regular course with a sharper focus on writing a research paper with embedded quotations and paraphrases. Students should be strong readers and very able writers who are ready for more challenging assignments. Successful completion of this course or 0332 is a school district graduation requirement.

Below is the course information for Lit/Writing 10 I;

Lit/Writing 10 II
Drama Unit #1 (3 WEEKS)
Critical Viewing Unit #1 (2 1/2 WEEKS)
Movie Review/Critical Film Analysis (Optional)
INTERNET - Media Literacy (incorporate into Research Paper)
Research Paper (4-5 WEEKS)
which connects the literature --for example, by having the attention-getter refer or allude to the literature and then move to the research about the essay
includes evaluation of sources (print/web/oral interviews)
Choose from at least one of the following: (2 1/2 WEEKS)
Poetry Unit #2
Non-Fiction Unit #2
Short Story Unit #2
Drama Unit #2