Welcome to Speech 10

Every student at EHS must complete three courses during the sophomore year: Lit/Writing I, Lit/Writing II and Speech 10.

0337 Speech -10
Grades 10,11,12
Prerequisite: None
Public speaking skills are important skills for success in various professions. This course focuses on public address. Students will deliver a wide variety of types of speeches for various occasions.
Successful completion of this course fulfills the speech requirement for graduation.

1.Students will learn to organize a speech that flows in a logical manner.     
2.Student will write a speech appropriate to the topic, audience and purpose of the speech.
3.Students will learn to access and use research appropriately to support and prove main points.
4.Students will learn to incorporate visual aids to enhance the message of the speech.
5.Students will gain confidence in basic delivery skills.
6.Students will learn to apply assessment criteria to self and to others in order to improve speaking skills.