I have been teaching Social Studies at EHS since 2002.  In addition to teaching I coach girls cross country in the fall, alpine skiing in the winter and track and field in the spring.  As a result it is easiest to get into contact with me via e-mail or before the start of the school day as I am out on a run, on the slopes, or on the track after school each day.  Both students and parents feel free to contact me at .

If you student is struggling please be sure that they consider coming in before (7:00-7:20) or after (2:15-2:35) school for extra help.  While I do coach teaching is my #1 priority.  Doing so can help improve a students performance immensely.

Current parents and students should use the Schoology link below for the most updated information.

Below are direct links to my webpages:

AP European History

Civics A and B

Honors Civics A, B, and C

U.S. History C

Contact: Ben Heil