District 196 Internet Acceptable Use Policy


Student Responsibilities: The Internet, an international network of networks, allows people access to hundreds of thousands of networks and computers. Access to the Internet via the District 196 wide area network is governed by the same guidelines that govern use of any computer or computer network in the district: Computers must be used in a responsible, ethical and legal manner. Failure to adhere to the guidelines of the use of computers, networks and Internet in District 196 will result in revocation of access privileges.
The following are student guidelines for Internet use:
  • It is a privilege to access local area networks and the Internet in our school district. Only students who have completed their school's requirements for independent Internet access can go on-line independently (without direct teacher supervision).
  • Our policy is to access the Internet for specific educational purposes only, such as researching a specific topic for a classroom project. While on the Internet, students should stay focused on the topic they are researching, and log out when done.
  • Any information downloaded from the Internet should be classroom related. This applies to software, graphics and images, as well as text.
  • Students may not use impolite or abusive language via electronic mail or list serves.
  • Students must never give out any personal information such as their address, telephone number, parent's name, etc.
  • Students must always tell a teacher if they come across any information that makes them feel uncomfortable.
  • No review or downloading of material that is obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit or offensive in terms of race, sex or religion will be tolerated.


Contact: Rita Anderson, Web Administrator