College in the Schools: Composition

Welcome to College in the Schools (CIS). Our program delivers introductory-level University of Minnesota credit courses to advanced juniors and seniors. CIS courses are taught during the regular school day at the students' own high schools.

The CIS Composition course at EHS is EngC 1011(Honors) University Writing and Critical Reading. Students earn 4 University of Minnesota semester credits for each course


Students approach composition through a variety of writing assignments such as writing a personal narrative, an ethnography, a review or critical treatment of a fine arts event, and an expository essay that requires personal inquiry and research into a topic. Writing assignments focus on defining purpose, organizing and developing content, analyzing audiences, drafting the whole essay and its parts, and revising and editing expository structure and style. Peer conference groups are used in the classroom as a means of giving feedback on student writing. Each student prepares a writing portfolio. Throughout the course students engage in several activities that provide opportunities to read critically, interpret different kinds of texts, and to explore the relation between their reading and writing.


At least one of the following titles is selected by instructors for use as a student text. Instructors need all titles for their own reference in teaching. Prices may vary slightly depending on the vendor.

Rackham and Bertagnolli. From Sight to Insight. 4th ed. Harcourt Brace Publishing. (ISBN: 0155059165). $43.95
Murray, D. 1999. Write to Learn. 7th edition. Harcourt Brace. (ISBN: 0155065122). $46.95
Kennedy and Kennedy. The Bedford Guide for College Writers. (ISBN: 0312392915). St. Martins Press. $50.45
Axelrod and Cooper. The St. Martin's Guide to Writing. St. Martin's Press. (ISBN: 0312240597). $56.25
Sunstein, and Chieseri-Strater. Fieldworking: Reading and Writing Research. Bedford/St. Martin's. 2002. (ISBN: 0-312-25825-9). $39.05

Or another approved rhetoric textbook / handbook.

U of M Coordinators:
The EngC 1011H course is co-coordinated by Donald Ross, Professor, Department of English, and Muriel Thompson. Co-director, Minnesota Writing Project.
The EngC 1011H course is coordinated by Donald Ross, Professor, Department of English.