Eagan High School
The Honor Code

Eagan High School Student Honor Code*

On all work undertaken by the students of Eagan High School, the following commitment is expected:

On my honor, as an Eagan High School student, I will neither cheat nor plagiarize; I will know and do what is right and good.

This statement means that the student understands and agrees with the expectations of academic integrity set forth by Eagan High School.

*See also: Eagan High School Student Handbook/Calendar for more details.

How do you, as an Eagan High School student, promote academic integrity?

(Compiled from Lake Conference Schools policies)

--It's simple: ALWAYS do your own work!

--Use the power of technology responsibly. Respect intellectual property and copyright laws.

--NEVER let someone copy any of your work from a test, project or an assignment.

--NEVER share information about a test afterwards, no matter how much someone begs you to tell them about it.

--DO NOT collaborate or "work together" on an assignment, project, or exam unless the teacher has given permission for collaboration.

--Do no pressure other students to cheat.

--Listen to your conscience. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.

--When in doubt, ask a teacher.

--If you observe some of your peers cheating or you feel pressure from your peers to cheat, remember you have a responsibility to uphold the EHS Honor Code. You should share information with your teacher if there is a problem.

Consequences for Violations:

--Redo the assignment or exam

--Reduce grade for the assignment or exam

--Zero for the assignment or exam

--Write a letter of apology

--Student explains offense to parents

--Teacher contacts parents

--Record offense on discipline record

--Removal from the course with an "F"

--Loss of EHS scholarship opportunities

--Loss of honors opportunities

--Loss of National Honor Society membership

--Revocation or refusal of letters of recommendation

Consequences are not limited to the ones mentioned and may be assigned in combination.

Statement of Principle and Policy Regarding Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity is essential to excellence in education. Since assignments, exams and other schoolwork are measures of student performance, honesty is required to ensure accurate measurement of student learning. Each student, parent, faculty and staff member has a responsibility to promote an academic culture that respects and fosters individual achievement.

INTEGRITY: being of sound moral principle, upright, honest and sincere.*

HONESTY: being truthful, trustworthy or upright, refraining from lying, cheating or stealing.*

CHEATING: presenting as your own the work of another; using someone else's words, work and/or ideas and claiming them as your own.

PLAGIARISM a form of cheating; taking another's words, thoughts or ideas and passing them off as one's own.

*Webster's New World Dictionary, Third College Edition.

Shared Responsibilites for Academic Integrity
Student Responsibility:
To not participate, either directly or indirectly, in cheating or plagiarism; to actively discourage cheating or plagiarism by others.

Parent Responsibility:
To actively support the Eagan High School Honor Code; to educate his/her child about academic integrity.

Faculty and Staff Responsibility:
To promote the Eagan High School Honor Code; to maintain expectations regading academic honesty and integrity; and to address violations of the Eagan High School Honore Code when they occur.