We are excited to announce EAGAN TRAINED STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING.  A new vision for a year round strength and conditioning program at Eagan High School.  I wanted to take the time to introduce myself as your new Head Strength and Conditioning coach at Eagan H.S. My name is Mr. Gage and I have been teaching, coaching, and training student athletes for 23 years at Eagan High School and Dakota Hills Middle School as an 8th grade teacher. I'm very excited about this new platform in my career to inspire, motivate, and to create a community of confident students/athletes/teams that are connected through relationships, commitment, accountability, competition, and sweat.

By signing up for these workouts you are taking the right steps to grow physically and mentally as a student/athlete. When working out it is important to understand the importance of consistency, staying committed to your in-season goals, and bottom line working hard. With these three things in mind you will make gains. There will be obstacles along the way, but it is only you that will define yourself when faced with adversity to reach that goal or next benchmark.

This school year we are introducing a platform-based program called PLT4M for all the kids that have signed up for EAGAN TRAINED. This is an app on your phone that takes you through designed and customized workouts by the staff. You will need a phone on the very first day to get off on the right track with the program. I am excited to see how it works as student that sign up for fall will be our beta test group. What works? What doesn’t work? Your feedback is very important to create the new vision for the weightroom and EAGAN TRAINED .

The training is year round; Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. Details for each season are posted on feepay and school TV's. If students are looking for toning workouts we also have a workout for you. We will incorporate competitions into daily routines and have days where we test you mentally to push yourself. Reminder you will need your phones or iPad, Shirt, Shorts, and Shoes:

We are excited about the new vision for the weightroom, and the competition each person will have with themselves and others to get better. We are really excited about the new vision for the weightroom. Below are the details of each work:


Students will start the day off in the Cat Hallway with a dynamic warm-up followed by mobility, agility, and stability work.


Students will transition from the hallway to the weightroom where they will be put through an upper and lower body a workout focused on power and explosion (5 Core Lifts)


Students will transition from the hallway to the weightroom where they will be put through a full body workout that will focus on toning the body with body-weight, light-weight, and high repetition exercises. Circuit Training at its best!

Get signed up on Fee Pay and spread the word about EAGAN TRAINED
RISE UP Eagan- Coach Gage ( Chad.gage@district196.org)