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"Start Here" Week

1. JOIN GOOGLE CLASSROOM for Online Mythology-- 1st Hour Trimester 3- 2017
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Welcome to Online Mythology-- for Spring 2017! This class has the same curriculum as Mythology your classmates may take, however in ONLINE MYTH we will incorporate more technology, you will be required to work independently AND we will meet ONCE A WEEK (Wednesdays) in ITC Lab.  We will READ, WRITE, and ENJOY lots of Myths and Stories about heroes.

In a non-virtual classroom, I usually begin by telling the class a little about myself. By the time you read this we will have already met in a real classroom and talked a little about the course and how I came to teach it. We will indeed meet in REAL time once a week. A virtual classroom, however, this also a place where you can interact with your teacher and classmates! Early in the week in an blog called Online Mythology Blog-?s for Class, you will be telling me a little about yourself. Nothing too personal--more info about why you took mythology and what you already know about MYTHOLOGY that will help when we jump into the class Discussion Forum in Week Two.

That said, this first week we will try to get all the rules, game plan, techno details and expectations laid out. I call all these things...methods . Hopefully there will be time to get to the first few mythology assignments as well. (This will always be called content.)
1. Every week of Online Mythology is a separate subsite that I will turn "on" or "off."
2. Each week has a "homepage" that will be the place to check in for assignments, readings and announcements.


Task ONE- Please click on the button at left to register for REMIND!!  This is the app I use for getting information to you.

Task TWO-Please fill out the QUICK SURVEY at left

Task THREE-- Read "Digital Natives. Digital Immigrants Part I" found on the button at left.

Task FOUR-  Check out Part II of Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants. There will be a quiz in class at the end of WEEK ONE  for this!

Task FIVE-    Watch the two video clips and answer a couple questions under "Two Short Videos" button at left

Task SIX-  When you are finished with the article called "Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants," please click on the button at left called Reading Quizzes

and take the quiz called
  • Digital Natives Reading Quiz

Task SEVEN-    An article called What is Mythology? is available by clicking on the button at left by the same name. Read

  • What is Mythology?
The QUESTIONS for What Is Mythology are in GoogleClassroom

Task EIGHT- Visit the Forum: Your views on Mythology and "post" your idea. You will be able to see what everyone else says, also. You only need to make ONE post!


Task NINE-      Check out the web sources out there on Mythology by choosing the Myth Online Resources at left AND making a few observations!

Task TEN-

Check out The Muses' Moment, a weekly feature.


Contact: Rita Anderson