Welcome to Week Two: Creation Myths

This week we will be reading Creation Myths from a variety of cultures. Many cultures have used creation myths to explain the "beginnings" of their society. The image at left, for example, is the Samoan god Tagaloa. For the Samoans, Tagaloe made all things; he alone existed at first; not any sky, not any country; he only went to and fro in the Expanse; there was also no sea, and no earth; but, at the place where he stood there grew up a rock. He splits the rock and from there the earth and all living beings are formed!

This week you will read several creation myths online, you will take a short reading quiz for each creation myth, you will read a few explanation myths and interpret and write your own "etiological" myth. (By the end of Week Two, you will know what that word means.)

Make sure to check the site frequently as different assignments and important announcements may be added ! (Hint: there may be a quiz on the Creation Myths Powerpoint/Prezi.)

Assignments for Week Two:

Task ONE  Re-View" the Prezi on Creation Myths
(Found Under Creation Myth Prezi Button). IF you were in class-- we looked over this 6 slide presentation.

Task TWO      Read all the Creation Myths.

(found under the Reading Assignments Button)

Task THREE      -Fill out a Reading Questionnaire for each Creation Myth

(Found under the Writing Assignments Button)


Task FOUR   -  Read the 3 versions of the GREEK CREATION MYTH


Task FIVE        Take the Quiz about the Greek Creation Myths-- (found under Greek Myth Quiz)


Task SIX      Read all the "Myths that Explain"  (found under the "Myths that Explain Button)


Task SEVEN- Try your hand at writing your own myth in this week's Muses' Moment!


Contact: Rita Anderson