Week Three: The Greeks


Remember when you read all those cool stories back in 9th grade? (or even earlier?) The stories about the Greek gods are pretty entertaining...how the really great mortals made it to hero status...The lightening bolts! The golden fleece! Medusa's head!

In Week Two you checked out the Greek Creation Myths. In Week THREE, you will read about Prometheus, watch a video about the Greeks, write a 1-page opinion essay in this week's Muses Moment  AND BEGIN the first PROJECT!

Assignments This Week:

Read The Myth of Prometheus (in Google Classroom) AND

      Go to Google Classroom to fill out the questions about Prometheus.   (Code for GC Online Myth is  hhses3f)

 View the 10 minute video introducing the Greeks and their relationship with the gods. (button at left) (It ends a little abruptly-it's OK, we will learn more about Demeter
               and Persephone! 

Go to GoogleClassroom and fill out the Week Three- Greek Video assignment.

The Muses' Moment... an short opinion essay. (GoogleClassroom)


This project will be DUE Wednesday, April 26th. (2 weeks) Note- Juniors will

be taking the ACT on Wednesday, April 19, so we will not have class on

Wednesday; instead, class will be on Thursday, April 20.

Please click HERE for directions. (you must be logged in to Collab)

Contact: Rita Anderson