Welcome to Week Five: Jason...and thinking about the first 5 weeks!


The Greek Myth Project is  DUE Wednesday, April 26. (technically, it is due at midnight on Tuesday, April 25) 
Please SHARE THE FOLDER with me 
( )
and post the URL in GoogleClassroom in Week Five.


This project is worth 100 points... so you REALLY need to complete it!  Don't forget, I am in ITC 1st hour EVERY DAY if you need to finish it.

This week you will be reading the great story of Jason. Read it carefully.
Besides reading and writing about Jason, you may want to take some time to review the first 5 weeks. All the weeks are "turned on."
A Note for the Future:    Next week -in class--  on 4/26 you will take a short "midterm. It is worth 35-40 points and will be
over the Greeks including a few questions about Heracles, Prometheus and Jason.
I have posted a "Review Sheet" at left to help you prepare for the test.

Read the Jason Myth- in Google Classroom Week Five: Jason Myth.

Answer a few questions about Jason in Google Classroom-- Week Five: Jason Myth.

Take the Reading Quizzes on the Jason Myth. (Button at left)  You can only take one of the quizzes once, so make sure you read the myth about Jason! 

 "The Jason Myth: a Visual Story" is a link to a United Streaming video...you can download the
animated video and take the quiz that accompanies it.   You may want to do this at home as it may take a few moments to download.

Check out the "Review Sheet" so you can see what's on the midterm test.

Check out this week's Muses' Moment.

Contact: Rita Anderson