Week 6- Perseus ...


Welcome to Week 6... This week you will read the story of Perseus, another great hero like Jason and Heracles. If you haven't figured it out..we are moving toward looking at the idea of "hero;" in the next two weeks we will really hit on the characteristics of a hero...BUT, until then...here's this week's assignments...!



1. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: This week HAD a "short" midterm test on Wednesday, April 26.
There's a review in Week 5.  If you were ABSENT on Wednesday, April 26, please see Ms. Anderson to make up the test.

2. I am concerned that a few of you are falling behind... if you KNOW you will miss class --EVEN if it is school authorized, you need to let me know via email or stop in the ITC.  We only meet once a week so it is crucial that you keep in touch.

3. Please check in to the WEEK online every school day. You never know when I might add something... Hint..Hint

4. I highly suggest you find a copy of Jason and the Argonauts.. and/or Clash of the Titans-- you can find it on NetFlix or YouTube. Of course you will not be quizzed on it in class or anything, but it is an early "special effects" classic and each tells the story of Jason and Perseus so well! These films have almost become "cult" classics! We have them on Catcast here at school as well, so you could watch it during a study hall

The Greek myth project was due on April 25th. 
Post the URL for your Googledoc folder in Week Five: Greek Myth Project. 
Make sure the folder is "shared" with me!


Assignments This Week

 Read the Perseus Myth- Google Classroom- Week Six: Perseus

Completer the questions about Perseus in Google Classroom- Week Six: Perseus.

 Read "Defining a Hero" in Google Classroom- Week Six- Defining a Hero.

Answer the short questions in Google Classroom- Week Six- Defining a Hero.

Check out the Muses' Moment for more mythology wordplay.

Contact: Rita Anderson