Week Seven: Heroes

For the next couple of weeks, we will be looking at the mythic hero pattern. After reading about Perseus and Jason, it is easy to see that the Greeks believed in heroes and their deeds. Before we study King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, we will spend some time looking at heroes and what their characteristics are.

Announcements this Week:
1. From Weeks 8-11, we will be studying both the Arthurian Legend AND the concept of HERO, which is so crucial to any mythology. In the past students have read the first 200 pages of The Once and Future King (Part One: The Sword and the Stone"). We are going to try something different and approach the Arthurian Legend from several angles and perspectives. There are over a thousand books written about King Arthur; why over 10 movies about the Arthurian Legend have been made in the last 15 years! (George Lucas, for example, was especially interested in mythology and Arthur... there are several similarities between Luke Skywalker and the young Arthur!)  AND on MAY 12-- a new King Arthur movie hits theaters...
2. Through weeks 8-11, you will work on a project that will incorporate a little TECHNOLOGY with HEROES with the ARTHURIAN LEGEND.

Assignments This Week  I think you will enjoy this assignment: You will be watching a film/video about a hero (there's a list attached) and answering a few questions with respect to HEROES.

First,  in Week Seven of GoogleClassroom read assignment called:  Week 7- Heroes in Film Movie Assignment" ....

Then you will need to fill out "Characteristics of the Mythic Hero Pattern in my Movie"  in GC as well.

THE MOVIE ASSIGNMENT may take a while to complete... especially if you GO to a new movie at a theater.


   Please read the first 5 pages of the novel The Once and Future King. Click on the "Once and Future King: The First Few Pages" button at left to go to a site where those pages are online!

When you finish reading the first 6 pages, answer a few questions about what you just read! Click on the "Once and Future King: Questions about the First Few Pages" button at left.

THE  MUSES MOMENT for this week is also in GoogleClassroom..... Week Seven: Muses Moment_ Applying Mythic Hero Pattern to Something I Know!


Contact: Rita Anderson