Welcome to Week Eight: More about Heroes/ King Arthur Background

Week Eight
The Greeks gave their mythical heroes almost the same reverence that they gave their gods. What's more, they believed that even after death, heroes should and did enjoy special privileges.
This week we will begin to read about ANOTHER classic literary hero- King Arthur. Like the Greek heroes, Arthur is strong, brave, clever, and determined; he is an effective leader, concerned for the followers' welfare, merciful to them, but merciless to his/her enemies. Every hero possesses these traits, but each usually has one special quality.
We will begin the final project which involves King Arthur.

1. You STILL have a little more time this week to complete your "Hero Movie Assignment" that was introduced last week. This is the one where you watch a movie and then fill out the form about the movie that all relates to the hero pattern. This takes up a chunk of time, so try to finish it by 5/12.

 Assignments for the Week: 
Check out the "Characters of Arthurian Legend" handout in This Week's Readings button. THERE IS A GClassroom WRITING ASSIGNMENT- "Characters of the Arthur Legend Worksheet"

Look over the "Genealogy of King Arthur" handout in This Week's Readings button. No writing assignment with it, it's just for your Information. (Quiz?)
Read The LEGEND of KING ARTHUR in This Week's Readings button. This will TAKE SOME TIME, so plan accordingly! 
THERE IS A GClassroom WRITING ASSIGNMENT- "The Legend of King Arthur Reading Worksheet"

THERE is a GClassroom WRITING ASSIGNMENT-  "The Hero Stages of the King Arthur"

Looking ahead to WEEK 9 --

On May 19 bring your INDEPENDENT READING book to class. 
You will have an IN-class writing assignment.


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