Week Nine: More on Arthur, Final Project

This week you will read a few "versions" of King Arthur and his closest knight, Lancelot.
ANNOUNCEMENT: I have set up a virtual "field trip" for this week... You will be looking at some artwork about the Arthurian legend. Make sure you read the versions of the legend BEFORE you go on the field trip. There will be a REAL Quiz in class next Wednesday!

Last week. You read a little about King Arthur AND the mythic hero pattern. This week, in Week 9, we will continue our focus on the Arthurian Legend and Heroes. 

Be ready for a simple quiz over the the Arthurian Legend next week!

This Week's Assignments

1. Read at least TWO more of the versions of the Arthurian Legend. (See "Versions of the Arthurian Legend" Button at left.)

2. After you have read 2 of the Arthurian Legends, Go to GoogleClassroom to post a comment.

3. Go on the Virtual Field Trip by clicking on the button at left!


THIS WEEK the majority of your work will be on THE FINAL PROJECT.... The Directions for the project are in GoogleClassroom.  The Final Project is DUE May 31.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Yikes....not much time left.  Don't forget-- Flex Day, Thursday, May 18th.... The ITC Lab is available 7:25-8:30 am!!!! 
I am in ITC or Room 118 during 1st Hour Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday so come and work if you want!   smiley   smiley    smiley    smiley   smiley

Contact: Rita Anderson