Week Ten: Continuing with the Arthurian Legend...

This week we  we will go over a few details of the Arthurian Legend...maybe dispel a few myths within the Myth! For example:
Did Gwenevere really fall for Lancelot?
Was there an actual round table?
Did anyone actually find the Holy Grail?

REMINDER, You should be working on that FINAL PROJECT! (The directions from Week Nine can be found at right). All the details on deadline, assessment, etc are on that form!

This Week's Assignments:

                              SERIOUSLY... this is your MAJOR assignment!!!

There is only ONE other assignment for Week 10.  GoogleClassroom-- Fact or Fiction: Questions about the Arthurian Legend.
  JUNIORS  (and Seniors, if you have time)  It would be helpful for the final if you would watch the movie ExCalibur (1981) .  It's a little "violent" so I apologize, but it's the best version of the Arthur story.  We watched a clip in class this week.

NO  Muses' Moment ... Work on the FINAL PROJECT!!!

Contact: Rita Anderson