Week Eleven- Final thoughts on Arthurian Legend...and Tall Tales

While we have plenty of loose ends to tie...Arthurian legend and finishing your Final project... one last thing we always try to do in Mythology class is talk a little about TALL TALES , the more "modern" idea of mythology. Tall tales have been especially important to North American culture and by many aspects are unique to America. I hope you have heard of John Henry, Johnny Appleseed, Pecos Bill and of course, our state legend-Paul Bunyon!!
These tales may have some truth (albeit small!) and have been immortalized in picture books, songs and movies. There are a few characteristics of the Tall Tale:

A larger-than-life, or superhuman, main character with a specific job.
A problem that is solved in a funny or clever way.
Exaggerated details that describe things as greater than they really are.
Characters who use everyday language.

Enjoy this week's TALL TALES...


All the projects (see WEEK 8)  MUST be finished by Friday, June 3.  PLEASE put your Slideshow, FOLDER or ComicLife (that you have saved as a PDF) in your GOOGLE DOC and SHARE it with me... Rita.anderson@district196.org. ;

SENIORS....Any late assignments should have been in by June 1.


 Check out the TAll TALES at left.

After you have read the Tall Tales, fill out the Tall Tales Reading Quiz.

Check out the writing assignment under the "Muses Moment."

Begin REVIEWING for the FINAL... The Final primarily covers the Arthurian Legend-- I have a link back to Week Eight (at left) where it all begins!

REMINDER-- IF you go back to do some assignment from a previous week-- PLEASE email me with the week and assignment... I DO NOT go back and look at early assignments unless I have a reason to do so!

You have PLENTY to do this week. DO NOT WAIT until TUESDAY to try to get caught up!!

FINAL is next  Friday, June 10...1st hour in 156.... THE FINAL IS OVER the ARTHURIAN LEGEND... The READING packet can be found at left.
The Questions you did ON the Reading have been returned in GoogleClassroom.  See Weeks 8-11 for more info.

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