Even penguins know the importance of stretching to help warm up the body and voice.
Here you will find links to sites for Vocal Health, Music Theory, Practice Strategies, and generally, things that make you a better musician.

Also, find some links below for specific needs you may have in the area of music theory. The list is taken from suggestions made by

How to read sheet music - good basic tutorial at
Intro to reading music - also see other resources at
Standard music notation - reading music, especially for guitarists at - for students starting out in band and orchestra
Music Theory Online - in-depth theory reference - interactive lessons and trainers
Teoría - interactive exercises, references
Music Awareness - interactive training to recognizing harmonies in real-world music by ear
BigEars - interactive ear trainer
Fundamentals of Piano Practice, 2nd Edition - piano lessons and teaching material
Basic Music Theory textbook - free downloadable book
Gary Ewer's Easy Music Theory (free lessons at bottom of page)
Jazz Guitar Online - music theory lessons and other resources especially for jazz guitarists

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