Welcome to World Religions at Eagan High School

For as long as people have lived, religion has lived with them. Whether in an attempt to explain the great mysteries of life, or through revelation, people have developed numerous belief structures that guide their lives.

As an introduction to the book, The Great Religions by Which Men Live, (1956), Floyd H.Ross and Tynette Hills state:

"Most of us tie our faith to a fixed set of beliefs. We tend to look upon other religions as less pure or genuine. We forget that the Oriental [sic.] finds many of our beliefs incredible.

Yet no religion should be measured by its lowest expression -- it should be measured by its highest. And looking at the great prophets of the great religions, we see how similar they were in many of their attitudes. To honor one does not mean to dishonor another . . . "

Beginning with the naturalist faiths of the pre-civilized world, and progressing to the modern expression of the wisdom faiths, the EHS World Religions course examines some of the most influental faiths the world has known. The basic doctrines, rituals, and practices of a variety of faiths are dissected in order to understand the great diversity of the world's faiths.

My goal in this course is to present a balanced view of the contributions and controversies of these religions and the impact they have had upon our collective lives.