EHS Graduation Ceremony
Class of 2020


District News Release dated May 15 regarding plans for Class of 2020 Graduation

May 19th, 2020
Dear Eagan High School Senior Students and Families,
First of all, thank you for your patience as we shared, talked and contemplated how end of the year Senior Wildcat events would be able to take place. Typically, we are able to plan more individually as a high school. However, this year we are facing challenges and concerns that involve the larger group of high schools, District leaders, and health and safety professionals in our planning.
Secondly, please know that the goal has been and will be to celebrate our graduates, honor and recognize their accomplishments and achievements, and provide a memorable, respectful and safe commencement experience for our seniors.
We have had many discussions inspired by this goal.  They have been creative, thoughtful, cautious and considerate.  We care so very much about our students and families. We recognize how difficult it is for all of us as we view Graduation as the culmination celebration earned by our graduates. The District 196 Graduation Planning Team has used the information provided by Governor Walz last Thursday evening, along with the guidance of our local police departments, the Minnesota Department of Education and the Minnesota Department of Health to develop our plan.
I believe that together we will be able to offer opportunities to celebrate the special traditions:
  • a way for our seniors, faculty and staff to celebrate together at Eagan HS
  • a presentation of the diploma cover with an opportunity for the traditional photo in cap, gown and Eagan academic regalia at EHS
  • a dignified and honorary ceremony for our seniors and families to experience.
NOTE: Each of our opportunities are optional. If a graduate lives with someone who is high risk and therefore cannot come to Eagan HS, we will be happy to make a special plan for that situation. Of course we will ask that anyone who is ill or quarantined does not come to the events. If a graduate needs transportation for any of the opportunities, we will help.  Please contact your school counselor for any assistance that is needed. 
Cap, Gown, Tassel and Regalia Pick Up
Curbside pickup at the South Entry of EHS for the graduation apparel will be provided on Wednesday May 27th and Thursday, May 28th. This will allow seniors to hang up or press their gown so that it is ready for the photos the following week. Hallway lockers will be cleared, bagged and available for pick up at this time as well. We ask that seniors arrive in the following breakdown based on senior’s last name – note that we repeat the schedule each day so seniors may choose the best day and time
Please prepare a notebook size paper to hold up to the vehicle side window with the name of the senior in large print, pop the trunk or tailgate and we will load in your bag.
            Cap, Gown, Tassel and Regalia Pick Up Schedule- South Entry of EHS
               Wednesday, May 27th    2 PM – 3:30 PM  Seniors A – G
                                                       3:30 PM – 5 PM Seniors H – N
                                                       5 PM – 6:30 PM  Seniors  O – Z
            Thursday, May 28th       9 AM – 10:30 AM  Seniors A – G
                                                       10:30 AM – Noon  Seniors H – N
                                                       Noon – 1:30 PM   Seniors O - Z
 Graduation Photo and Diploma Cover Presentation, Turn-In’s  June 2 and 3
Seniors along with no more than four family members, will be scheduled by PAWS group for a date and time on June 2 and 3 to come into EHS to drop off tech items, books, clear any fines or fees, and pick up yearbooks and any awards.  There will be a photo opportunity on stage in the EHS Gym of each senior in Graduation regalia – cap, gown, tassel, cords, and presentation of the diploma cover. The family will be taking this photo of the senior. Only the graduating senior will be on the stage.  More details about assigned times and dates will be shared.  Public health parameters will be required including  everyone wearing masks (except the graduate, during the photo), social distancing and staged, safe arrival and departure will be expected. Masks will not be provided.
Graduation Processional, Saturday, June 6th, 12:30 PM
Each year the Eagan High School faculty members lead and join the processional honoring our Wildcat graduates. We wear academic regalia and proudly sit with, support and celebrate with our seniors on this special day. In this way we bring our entire school and community into the celebration of achievement, dedication and excellence. This year we invite our graduates, together with their family to participate in a “processional” of vehicles, wearing graduation gowns, caps, tassels and, hopefully, joyous smiles!  This will begin at 12:30 PM on Saturday, June 6th and take the Class of 2020 through the Eagan HS campus where our proud faculty and staff will line the parking lot sidewalks to cheer for our seniors and families. You are encouraged to decorate the vehicle bringing your senior to this event.  All graduates and family members must remain in their vehicle.  We ask that a family member is driving the vehicle as the graduating senior may be distracted by the faculty greetings.  If possible, a sign on the vehicle that names the senior who is passing by would be great. This processional will be led and supported by the Eagan Police Department and Eagan Fire Department.  Seniors, families and EHS faculty and staff will proceed home to view the virtual ceremony following the parade. Further communication and details will be shared as we near this event date.
Eagan High School Virtual Graduation Ceremony, Saturday, June 6,  2:20 PM
Our Class of 2020 ceremony will be virtual and the celebration aired at our senior class chosen time of 2:20 PM on Saturday, June 6th. The entire community and your extended family members and friends will be able to view the ceremony at a distance at this time, or later as it will be available online and on Eagan Cable Television throughout the coming weeks. The ceremony will include the senior’s choice as a faculty speaker, Mr. Jim Becker as well as the senior class speaker, Ms. Chayla Velander who auditioned for and earned this privilege. The Concert Choir and Wind Ensemble will perform, virtually, and the School Board as well as faculty representatives will be contributing to this event.  Each senior will be featured with a photo slide and name in the ceremony. Together, a virtual cap toss, at seniors’ homes will end the event as graduates celebrate at home.
Diploma Distribution
On June 9 and 10 there will be times for seniors to come to EHS and pick up their diplomas.  If any books or items still need to be returned or obligations cleared we will also provide that opportunity. Seniors who need to complete required credits will have a “hold” placed on their diploma until they are finished with requirements.
Transportation and Special Needs
If any graduate needs transportation for any of the above opportunities, please contact your school counselor.  If a graduate lives with someone who is high risk and is not able to come to Eagan HS, we will certainly make a special plan for that senior as well. Please contact your school counselor.
Final Thoughts
None of us could have known when we departed from EHS on March 13th that we would not all be together again this school year.  We miss being with our students and families every day and dearly wish we could all gather for the traditional celebration. Our seniors have been selfless, resilient and accepting in this new reality.  They have persisted in their academics, prepared for challenging assignments and assessments, shown dedication to our community and its safety and dealt with the disappointment of losing “their turn” to celebrate the culmination of their many years of learning.  As they face the loss of many of the rites of passage for seniors – awards ceremonies, spring sports and arts events, prom, senior privileges and lunches, the “countdown” to the final days and the chance to say goodbye in person—our effort is to give them some final milestone events.
We hope we can recover some of what has been lost for our seniors.  We know they all wish they could be together at this time. We thank them for helping keep their families, friends and neighbors safe in this global pandemic. It will always be a hallmark of this class – the Class of 2020 – that they were commemorated and celebrated for their resilience, care for others above self and love for one another.
We are excited to celebrate with our Class of 2020 Wildcat Graduates!
Stay safe and take care – finish the school year strong!
Polly Reikowski, Principal
Eagan High School