Welcome to Mrs. Matsch's Homepage

This page contains study guides for guided reading in a variety of regular education classes. Students can click on the class that they need and access these study guide sheets as extra support to enhance their learning.

If you are looking for the audio support chapters, you will need to LOG IN using the username and password Mrs. Matsch gave you to access the audio's for your book you are reading.  Audio Support Chapters can be accessed via a computer or your mobile device.  

Mobile Device Access:
Click on the black bar "menu" button > scroll down to the bottom and click on "login" > Enter the Username and Password given to you (remember this is case sensitive.)

Computer Access:
located at the top of the screen on the far right of the grey/white tool bar click on "login" > Enter the Username and password given to you (remember this is case sensitive).

Once you are in you will see that the word "Login" has changed to "logout"  Follow the chain of clicks back to my webpage and you will see that on the left the words "Audio Support Chapters" now appear, click on this to access the audio chapters for your book.  If you have problems down loading or if support chapters do not match, Please let me know ASAP so I can up load the correct audio file.

Contact: Cheryl Matsch