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Students and Parents, I aim to help all of my students meet their full potiential in communication and learning language.  I provide services in the speech/language therapy areas of: articulation, fluency, voice, and  language.  As always focus is on the individual needs of each student which may include a single area or some combination of: Receptive Language (Understanding) and/or Expressive Language within the modalities of - speaking, reading, listening, and writing.  As the goal of all special education services in high school is to plan for Transition to adulthood, we focus on goals set for Post Secondary Education & Training, Employment, and Independent Living. Successful pragmatic language skills in social communications and interactions are an important piece to transition planning.  I always include this with services If students demonstrate the need. If you have questions regarding my services for your child please email me using my contact information on this page. 

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Contact: Cheryl Matsch