Welcome to "The Audition" 2020



"The Audition" Camp 2020 information will be posted as it becomes available.

The Audition is designed specifically for students in grades 5 - 9 during the current school year.  Campers need not have attended previous camps, but will certainly benefit from skills learned in the Performing Arts Camp process.  During this 5 day camp, we will address the skills students need to audition for musicals and plays in school and the Twin Cities theatre scene.  In this comfortable setting, students and highly qualified college student staff will focus on:


    -  Vocal solos and sight-reading

    -  Monologues, “cold” reading, and partnered scene reading

    -  Solo and group dance genres often used in audition settings

    -  Developing confidence in the audition process

    -  Adjusting and adapting to director requests



Contact: eagansummerstage@gmail.com