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Training Plan, Handouts, Notes, assignments from Work lab or Classroom instruction-- posted at left.
Period 1 & 2 = Work Force Foundations II, I
Period 3 = Work Seminar & Work Force Foundations IV
Assessment = Rubric documents for evaluation

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My "Style" (Whitehead, 1929) as a teacher of individuals with special education needs is to
• Structure learning environments where every student has opportunity to grow and develop self-regulation behaviors to reach their fullest potential.
• Provide sensory rich, hope-filled, environment where students act, think and feel.
• Romance knowledge, inspire, facilitate, coach, and evaluate.
• Build connections between new learning and prior knowledge.
• Encourage self-determination surrounded by the freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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June 2018 I was invited to deliver a message at graduation.  Words of encourage to the class of 2018 and beyond 


WorkBenifitsYouth.org As part of the Minnesota Olmstead plan, the Department of Human Services in collaboration with the Department of Education and Vocational Rehabilitation Services developed the Work∙Benefits∙Youth campaign to help families see how disability benefits support work for youth.

Disability Benefits? How work can benefit. visit
db101.org to learn how work and benefits can work together to increase income. Tools. Facts. Resources. Safely explore options and plan for the future.
db101.org or call the Disability Linkage Line 1-866-333-2466.
A FREE service and does not affect disability benefits.

  • see how disability benefits and income might change with a job.
  • explore work incentives.
  • learn from other people's stories.
  • set work goals and plan next steps.
  • prepare for job changes
  • get answers to questions by live chat, phone or email

We believe that all individuals, regardless of the level of disability, can work in the right setting, with the right supports. Eagan High School Work Experience Coordinators, Ms Gustafson and Ms Tabbert

Post-secondary options:
MN Resource Guide Preparing Students with Disabilities for Postsecondary Environment


Contact: polly.tabbert@district196.org