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August of 1996, I joined the staff of Eagan High School, as a Special Education teacher working with the SPMI/MSMI population. After a year the district moved my program to Eastview High School where I was for 4 years.  An opportunity came up at Eagan High School in 2000, where I joined the staff once again, but now as a Work Experience teacher.
I LOVE  my job because of the talented people I get to work and the entertaining crew of students I get to work with on a daily basis. 

The majority of my morning schedule is working with students in work labs or in a classroom setting. My afternoon schedule is for assessing a student's employment maturity knowledge, skills and behaviors, to coordinate competitive and non competitive employment placement on and off the Eagan High campus and assist with job coaching as needed.

My homepage provides specific details to my class/course expectations, assignments & student learnings.
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You also can go to https://school.district196.org   and visit my Schoology site.

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