I am excited to have you join French class! This is Basse-Ville in Vieux Quebec (Lower Town, Old Quebec)...notice the funiculaire (hill elevator) in the background!
Welcome to French class and a great experience in language! Mastering a second language is critical in our changing, global society. You will better understand other cultures, learn terrific study skills that you can use in all your classes (including college), become a better test-taker, and become a better overall academic learner by continuing your foreign language studies. Here is the research:

French I will begin your foundation, and French II, III, IV, & CIS FREN 1003 will continue to build on your foundation, in speaking, listening, reading, writing and culture through a variety of individual, pair and group activities. As with any language, it is critical for students to spend time studying vocabulary/grammar & practicing language daily.

Please click on the buttons on the left side of this web page for information about the French curriculum, parental involvement suggestions, grading & extra credit options, course expectations, website links, and important events & due dates. You can also access daily assignments by clicking on homework/classes then assignments (which will appear on the bottom left of the screen). I will update my website weekly, but sometimes, assignments may need to be changed at the last minute.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions by clicking on the "Contact" button to the left to link to my e-mail address. I will respond to you within twenty-four hours during the school week.

I look forward to working with you this year!

Elodie L. Hubbard

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One more reason taking French is a fabulous idea!

Contact: Elodie Hubbard