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Increase Scores with ACT Test Prep

With more than one million students taking the ACT test each year and an ever-increasing competition to get into the best universities, the stakes are high for scoring well on the ACT test. Not to mention, the number of ACT test takers is up almost 20 percent since 2010. It’s no wonder that ACT test prep has grown so important!

The good news is that Sylvan of Eagan's ACT prep program can help your teenager navigate this big test with ease, earning impressive scores along the way.

Our expert ACT tutors will motivate and inspire your teen with a personal approach that takes the mystery out of the ACT test. You’ll not only see impressive ACT test scores, but you’ll also see your son or daughter grow with confidence. For many of our students, it only takes five to eight weeks to master the skills they need to raise their scores!

Why ACT prep at Sylvan of Eagan is highly effective....

What makes Sylvan of Eagan's ACT test prep program unique? We use a proven combination of small-group instruction, independent learning and ACT practice tests. This cohesive approach ensures that teens learn the strategies for tackling each type of exam question (including the written portion of the ACT). In addition, they can focus on the specific skill areas they need to improve.

When you sign up for our in-class ACT prep program, your teen will benefit from:

  • Small-group instruction on the skills and strategies needed to score high.
  • Expert ACT tutors who know the college entrance exams inside and out.
  • Personalized homework to improve the skills that need the most help.
  • Flexible class hours to fit your teen’s busy schedule.

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