Au Pied du Lion

November 25, 1942 during the dark days of the Nazi occupation of France, a sixteen year old Jewish girl left her Paris apartment to exchange ration coupons for food.

Two men followed her home, entered the apartment and arrested her father.

She was alone now.

This is her story.



Video Interview of Louise Gradstein Dillery

Recorded at Eagan High School, Eagan MN on May 2009.

Produced by Linda Albertson and Paul Saxton in collaboration with LaRae Ellington.


Video is 43 minutes in length. 

Language:  French with option of English subtitles


Recently accepted and in use at the visitors center at Yad Vasham in Israel.  Also available at the libraries of the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. and the Simone Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles California.

Video is now being integrated into curriculum at universities, colleges and high schools across the country.

For more information, contact Linda Albertson ( ) or Paul Saxton ( )