Welcome to the second year of the Dakota Valley Show Choir... a choir that combines the talents of the ISD 196 5th-7th graders!

WHAT IS A SHOW CHOIR??? A show choir is an ensemble that combines quality singing and dancing into a single performance! This choral opportunity is intended to broaden students’ musical experiences as well as give students a quality musical experience… all while having fun!

If you are interested in this exciting BRAND NEW opportunity, click on the DOCUMENTS button found on the left side of this page. On that page, you will find downloadable documents for registration as well as important information about the choir. Please make sure you read all necessary documents prior to registering for the choir. Rehearsal and performance dates are listed!

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail Kari Douma at .

We look forward to the start of something new, exciting, and musical!!!

THIS YEAR'S CHOIR will rehearse at EAGAN HIGH SCHOOL (4185 Braddock Trail).  It is best for you to park at the East Enterance (bottom of hill) and enter through the main doors.  

Rehearsal Dates are as follows:
1/12  2-4:30
1/25  2-4:30
1/26  2-4:30
2/2   1-3:30, free performance at 4PM!