Deutscher Klub macht Spass!

Modeling the 2010-2011 shirt!

Note: Pictures from the German Club events are also posted on the German web site!

All are welcome!

German Club is open to anyone who is interested in learning about and experiencing German culture. Meetings are held about twice a month, on Tuesdays after school. Check out pictures from German Club events on the EHS German web site!

Several groups are connected to the club, as a German Folk Dance (Tanzgruppe) group.

Feature films in German are also shown, plus the club has game days and plans activities, including field trips and fund drives.

Students may come to the meetings any time during the school year.

Remember: Deutsch macht Spass! Deutsch macht Spass! Deutsch macht Spass!
updated: December 11, 2012

Contact: Sonja Olson