Student Government Lettering Status & Policy


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This lettering policy is designed to recognize Student Government members who demonstrate outstanding commitment and participation. In order to letter, you must participate in Student Government during the year.


Letter Award
  • Students must participate in 7 or more activities during at least 2 trimesters of the school year (At least one activity must be an activity other than poster-making).
  • Students must attend 80% of the general assembly meetings.

Officers & Senators
  • Current Officers and Senators must attend 80% of both executive council and general assembly meetings or face the possibility of impeachment.
  • Students wishing to run for an Officer position in a future year must have maintained 80% attendance at general assembly meetings in the preceding year in order to be eligible to run.

B. Activities must take place outside of the school day (Activities that happen during the school day do NOT count towards your lettering points).

C. Students must remain at the activity at least thirty minutes.

D. Some of the activities which may be used toward lettering award include but are not limited to:

  • Homecoming Difference Makers
  • Homecoming Spirit Week
  • Armful of Love Community Service
  • Winter Spirit Week
  • Sadies
  • Spring Food Drive
  • Appreciation Events

E. Appeals of the process/decision may be made to the faculty advisors, and, if necessary, to the administrator in charge of activities.