Associate - Building a Learning Community

Responsibilities of the Associate

The Mentor Program is being implemented for the purpose of providing support, growth and professional development opportunities for teachers in the school district.


As a learner, the associate shall:

• understand district policies, schedules and procedures;
• become familiar with the resources, curricula and students’ needs; and
• become aware of the professional opportunities such as workshops, in-services, college classes and other renewal unit opportunities.


As a participator, the associate shall:

• meet with mentor formal and informally;
• work toward attainment of goals;
• document activities (examples include log, journal, video taping, etc.);
• attend mentoring activities.


As a collaborator, the associate shall:

• communicate needs to the mentor;
• meet with the mentor in developing goals;
• be open to feedback and suggestions from the mentor;
• observe teaching techniques in the mentor’s and other classrooms;
• arrange for the mentor to observe; and
• participate in pre- and post-conferences in conjunction with observations conducted by observing principal.